Humbach Education Consulting brings compassion and expertise to every student and family we work with. We work with students from all backgrounds: athletes, artists and those seeking an appointment to a United States Service Academy. Our goal is to drastically reduce the stress and conflict that often show up between parent and child and restore peace to your home. Let's face it, before you know it, your child will be launching; we help you make the most of that precious time!


With regard to colleges and universities, what is the freshman retention rate and why does it matter? What is the 4 year graduation rate? Six year graduation rate? Does the college your student is considering suffer from "major" impaction? Campus Impaction? Data, facts and a solid method for researching and understanding the most current information are essential to choosing great fit colleges. Considering that in 2016, a 4 year degree from a Colorado public institution costs approximately $120,000, it is critical to consider the return on investment. We put the ROI at the forefront of our work to ensure our families are making savvy decisions.
Who We Help | Humbach Education Consulting
We help parents who are interested in becoming smart consumers relative to the investment of higher education. Our work with students relies heavily on getting to know them and assessing their strengths and weaknesses and likes and dislikes so that we are able to  explore the most viable and valuable majors and careers.

We help parents who are dedicated to finding a college that will encourage their child to become the person they are meant to be, to unlock their full potential, and give them the opportunity for an amazing education based on their unique personality.

The college application and acceptance process has drastically changed. Back in the day, applicants submitted an application, along with transcripts and test scores, then waited for either the thin letter (denial) or fat packet (acceptance) in the mail. Unfortunately, the process has become complex and complicated and like everything in life, terribly competitive.


Enjoying high school? We hope so. How goes the college search? Have you made a college list based on great fit options? Do you know when you’re applying? Do you know what you want to study? Do you want to join Greek Life? Do you want to play a Varsity sport? Club? How are the essays coming along? How about the ACT and SAT? Could that be more fun?

The vast majority of you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out of your minds and this is likely making high school not so much fun. Many of you have even tried to get help  from your  high  school  counselor. That  may  not have gone too well either. And it’s not that your high school counselor doesn’t want to help you, they do. It’s just that with an average case-load of 400 students, they don’t have the time. Nor do many of them have the knowledge and experience to really guide you. We do.
Who We Help | Humbach Education Consulting
Work with us, we will make sure you check all of the above boxes and then some. We will coach you through the research and application process, including all deadlines, testing, essays, and every other detail.

The best part is that you will no longer have to deal with your parents asking you about your “college application progress”. We will agree upon a plan of action that covers all the bases that will result in a fantastic college fit and a successful launch.
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